The Islands

I consider the islands of Armona and Farol (Lighthouse), in the extreme southern tip of Portugal’s mainland, a sort of oasis of authenticity amongst the heavily developed Algarve shores. First colonized by fisherman, many of them saw the potential for tourism and started to build houses for rent. Soon, those little communities evolve into chaotic urban centers. It could have been just another story of spoiled landscape, which was unfortunately so common in Algarve, especially during the 1980´s and 90´s. However, it was not the case with these islands as they manage to preserve its charm. A kind of southern charm derived from the simbiothic geography of sand and water, flimsy buildings and the laid back attitude of the people from all sorts of gender, colour and creed that go there. Everyday spend in those islands starts and ends with a trip in an old diesel engine boat. For some reason I can´t quite explain, those trips take me back in time, to those days of never ending playing and see bathing and it is one of the few places where I can easily feel like a child again…

All photographs by António Marques – © António Marques Photoblog


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