Out of nowhere objects

I wasn’t feeling to creative to shoot outdoors in the last days and the cold weather didn’t help either. So I made some experiences with my Olympus e-450 coupled with the 35mm macro lens. A very good lens but a pain to focus properly, specially in low light.

Some everyday mechanic objects feel almost abstract forms when they are shot at close range with shallow depth of field.

All photographs by António Marques – © António Marques Photography


2 responses

  1. Jorge Ledesma

    Excellent series Antonio. When in doubt and you don’t want to go anywhere macros are great, nicely done. Lovely grain as well.

    February 7, 2012 at 20:06

    • amarques1966

      Thank you, Jorge. Day-to-day objects can be a worthwhile subject if we put our minds and patient to it!
      By the way, congrats on your blog. Liked it very much.

      February 8, 2012 at 15:09

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