Monthly fragments; September 2012

Yes… As you have probably noticed, I’m taking a sort of break from publishing my photographs. I apologize to those who eventually stop by this blog and see nothing new from quite some time. Still, don’t give up on me just yet; my attraction towards photography lies intact and restraining myself from shooting and publishing just makes my desire to do so grow more and more. Between my daytime job as an art/drawing teacher, and spending time with my family, time falls short.

The process of developing the RAW files from my India trip in August became very slow and tedious. It constantly challenges me to tweak and perfect every aspect possible of every shot, starting with the sometimes agonizing decision of developing in color or in b&w (or both). That takes time and I must confess I haven’t learned to deal with the frustration of putting so much effort in developing instead of shooting. It’s a frustration I only bear because the improvements in image quality are notorious in comparison with the straight of the camera jpegs. Image quality is not critical to make a good photograph but I consider it important to me right now.

Nevertheless, I’ll start publishing those shots only when the entire process of selection and development is completed.

Till then and the accomplishment of other photographic projects, I’ll continue to frame some of the visual fragments that my day-to-day life generously keeps offering me to document.

All photographs by António Marques – © António Marques Photoblog


2 responses

  1. Great stuff. Such a wonder to behold. I understand the notion of a break – It is so necessary even when you absolutely love what you do. A break always gives you a chance to reflect, rejuvenate, redirect and restart afresh. Enjoy your time!!! And thank you for all you have presented to date!!!

    October 14, 2012 at 20:50

    • António Marques

      Kind words, as always. Thank you, Marialla.

      October 14, 2012 at 21:41

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